February loves


1. Teavana’s white chocolate peppermint tea.  The only reason I ended up buying it was because they were offering samples in the store.  It didn’t sound very appealing to me for some reason, but it’s divine.


2. That it was finally warm enough to take the kids for a walk.


3.  My one sewing “finish” in February was this bottle warmer.  We had one for my oldest son, but it didn’t fit the bottles we’re using with my daughter.  She was a colicky little babe, and we were willing to try anything to stop her wailing.  These Tommy Tippee bottles for colic do seem to prevent air from getting into her tiny little stomach, but they’re an odd shape.  It’s satisfying to be able to create little projects like this without a pattern.  I used a lining that’s retains heat (or cold) so it might continue to be useful beyond the bottle stage.


4. My Stanley thermos.  I love that my grandad carried his to work with him and now I’ve got one to take with me.  Keeps my coffee steaming hot for hours.  Plus the new colors for these are fantastic.


5.  Dry skin remedies.  Truly the best.  Aveda’s Hand Relief lotion and Aquaphor’s lip balm.  This dry air is a drag, but these two little products make it all bearable.


6.  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Penguin Classics canvas-bound edition.  I loved this book as a child, and I bought it to read to my daughter when she’s older.  My dad used to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to me before bed, and it’s a tradition I’d like to continue with my kids.


7.  Sweet gifts for our baby girl.  Lovely little clothes, a handmade blanket, a beautiful hand-crocheted bib, and a Jellycat bunny.  Gabby is one lucky little girl!  I may be late with the thank-you cards, but the gifts are so very appreciated.


8.  Breakfast out with a friend.  Amazing breakfast burritos from Starliner Diner & a great conversation.


9.  All the snow we had!  Though I’m not sorry to see it go, it’s been so much fun to play in the snow with this little guy.  Snow angels, making snowballs and wrestling around are childhood memories that I’m happy to be a part of creating.

Hope your February was happy too!


2 thoughts on “February loves

  1. Chelsea

    I bought Teavana’s white chocolate peppermint tea a couple months after sampling it in the store, as well. Normally I’m not into chocolate teas, but that was excellent.



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