nursery decor

Nursery decorating on a budget is a bit of a struggle. Not because I can’t stay on budget per se, but mostly because baby items are so cute that it’s hard not to want everything. But I’d advise against going wild with nursery spending, as the baby stages go by so quickly. You’re going to have to update those decorations before you know it. Your soon-to-be toddler will grow out of the crib and the little lambs seem a bit, well, babyish.

If you plan to have more than one child, chose neutral decor and use it for either gender. Adorable baby bedding and furniture can be found at outlets for relatively reasonable prices. (If Land of Nod had an outlet anywhere near me, my baby decor budget would be blown entirely.)

The biggest money-saving spot in a nursery would be the walls. I wanted my daughter, Gabby’s nursery to feel feminine, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on artwork.

Here are several options for DIY “artwork” to hang in the nursery.

1) embroidery hoop artwork (with flowers).  Hanging fabric in different sized embroidery hoops is an easy way to take up wall space for minimal dough.
2) washi tape letters. Of course your could spell out your child’s name or a sweet little nickname for your little one. I went with the French “bébé”.
3) pictures of your family members during their childhood.  I went with photos of myself and the hubby, but I think pictures of grandparents as babies would be charming.
4) pictures of your little one, of course

5) footprint / handprint.  You’re getting these anyway for the baby book.  Go ahead and frame them as well.  It’s hard to remember Alex being that small.  Also, baby handprints are misery to try to get.IMG_6256

6) “punch” art.  This couldn’t be easier.  Using a craft punch and different scrapbook paper, arrange your punched shapes.
7) banner or bunting.  So many adorable ideas for banners and buntings on Pinterest.  Because the bedding I choose was “little lambie” themed, I fell in love with these sheep.
8) fabric monogram.  Another super simple one.  I bought a fairly flat wooden letter, covered it with batting, then cut a G out of fabric (with enough room around the edges to wrap around to the back).  I stapled mine down, but many other crafters used a hot glue gun.  Then mod podge over the top.  Voilà!
9) silhoutte artwork.  These are actually in my son’s room, but they could work in a nursery just as easily.  Search for silhouette images of whatever object you’re looking for.  Print on the back of scrapbook paper, cut out.  Adhere to a fabric background with mod podge.  Frame.
10) drippy crayon art.  If you have a nursery decorated in primary colors, this one would be awesome. Just glue crayons to canvas, apply a hairdryer and watch the fun happen.
IMG_622411)  alphabet cards.  Nothing DIY about these, but these giant cards can take up a whole wall.  They’re cute and relatively inexpensive.  And during the toddler years, they have helped my son learn the alphabet.

12) significant family pieces.  My daughter’s middle name is Jane, after my grandmother.  My grandma just happens to be a talented artist.  I thought it fitting that one of her works should watch over Gabby Jane’s crib.

There you have it!  “Artwork” for a spruced up nursery on a dime.  While I kept the lambie bedding, lampshade and night light for both my son and my daughter, I wanted the room to feel more feminine for my daughter.  The pink polka dot curtains, little pink wire basket, pink plant (a cactus is perfect for a child’s room.  It will take me awhile before I’m able to kill it.), and crocheted hot pink blanket (thanks, Mom!) were nice little touches.  I wanted the room to feel pretty without looking like pink overload.

IMG_6213 IMG_6217


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