May loves

Why did May go by in such a flash?  The spring took so long to arrive and it feels like it’s already gone, with summer in full force.  I’m just happy to be able to enjoy being outdoors again.  The days have come that when we pick up Alex from daycare, he’s dirty from head to toe, just the way a little kid should be after playing outside in the summertime.

Here are some other things I loved about May:

1. New chambray shoes – for Momma & baby girl
chambray shoes
I’m no fashionista.  Quite the opposite in fact, but I find myself surprised in recent months by my newfound love of shoes and purses.  No matter your size, shoes and purses always work.  That’s my kind of fashion!  My shoes are from Toms and Gabby’s are from Baby Gap.

2.  241 Tote
241 Tote
This pattern is from Noodle-head.  A cute little 2 for 1 bag with lots of pockets.  The fabric is from Emily Isabella’s Everyday Party line from Birch Fabrics.  Thanks Sew to Speak!  I like to put my cell phone in the exterior pocket and my keys in the interior pocket.  So much quicker and easier to find.

3. Grrrrrowler
From West Elm.  The hubby has become quite the beer connoisseur.  He likes drafts in particular.  Until we have our own kegerator (a purchase he’s been plotting lately), we like to fill up growlers with draft beer.  While my husband hates this one, I think it is completely adorable. And perfect.  It makes me happy.

4.  Greenpan
These pans are super, incredible, fantastic, wonderful, awesomeness.  And they’re crazy cheap.  I bought mine at West Elm on super clearance, but I’ve also seen them at Target.  They’re nonstick and coated with Thermalon ceramic.  Even if you overheat the pan (ummm, guilty), no toxic fumes emitted and no peeling of the surface of the pan.  They’re easy to wash, too.  Can I rave about these any more?

5. Nordstrom Rack
flamingo outfit from Nordstrom Rack
They just opened one nearby.  And I discovered they had baby clothes.  Not good for the budget.  But isn’t she cute?

6.  Street hockey
Just glad to be outside!  Save!

7.  First family pizza oven party 2014
mac & cheese pizza
In years past, we’ve fired this baby up in January for some prime rib, but my family has been slacking this year on the pizza oven front.  May!  What we lack in timeliness, we made up for in creativity.  My brother (an incredibly talented brick mason) built this oven for my parents.  We like to try coming up with a few different offerings each time we fire it up. Avocado-BLT pizza is one of my absolute all-time favorites.  This time though, we tried mac & cheese pizza with pancetta and fresh herbs.  When I ask Alex what he wants on his pizza, he always says mac & cheese.  The kid wouldn’t even taste it.  His loss.
cinnamon peach & banana pizza
However, he was inclined to try out the dessert offerings.  S’more pizza for the kiddos, and this lovely little bite for the adults: peach, banana with a cinnamon crumble & vanilla drizzle.


8. Strawberry raised bed
strawberry flower
I planted this little bed last fall, with all sorts of fun heirloom varieties of strawberries, like pine berries, the purple wonder, and several types of good ol’ red ones.  Cannot wait for June!


4 thoughts on “May loves

  1. Melissa Valentine Snider

    Gabby in that outfit is TOO CUTE!! Love Alex playing hockey!! And I just realized you made that purse, didnt you??



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