June loves

This has been a wild month for us. We bought a new home, one that will require a significant amount of attention to make shine. We’re in the process of selling our current home. We took a week long vacation to the beach (yay!). Did I mention that we both work full time and have two small children?

It’s been a bit stressful – in the best sort of way.

Even in the midst of the chaos and the complete lack of homemade dinners, we have so much for which we are grateful.

1. A family vacation to a beautiful beach with incredible weather. Enough said.


2. Fish tacos. Made by my brother and his wife on our vacation. These were good enough to still be thinking about two weeks later.

IMG_72933. A little bit of embroidery. A very long car ride is the perfect choice for learning new hand-sewn techniques.

4. Learning to wave! For some reason, in spite of my best efforts to relax and pretend to be cool, I get a little anxious about when the baby is going to hit motor milestones. Why can’t the baby sit yet? The weekly baby development e-mail talked about sitting weeks ago! In reality, I know I need to sit back myself and chill. Babies learn at their own pace in their own time. However, when they actually start doing new things, it’s so exciting to watch them learn!


5.  New parental techniques.  I walked out of the store with my screaming kid in tow.  First time ever.  I felt pretty empowered.  Yes, leaving was a hassle.  We live 15 minutes away from Target, and there were things that we needed to get.  I felt like the bigger picture was that my child is (hopefully) beginning to learn that “whining gets you nothing”.  That’s worth extra hour of my time, even when we’re busy.  New mantra in this house.

6. Lego-mania.  My son is only 3, but he’s beginning to show a fondness for Legos.  These little individualized players from Oyo Sports Toys come complete with beards and personalized jerseys.  Of course, we’ve already lost a few pieces.  They’re also available for baseball and football players as well.


7. Keys to the new home.  It’s exciting to know we’re going to be investing in this place for the long term.  Right now, it feels like it’s alive with possibility, even if those possibilities happen to be covered to thistles.


8. A chance to show a little kindness in honor of Graceyn. My lovely friends choose to commemorate the second anniversary of their sweet baby girl’s birth into Heaven by asking family and friends to share in performing random acts of kindness.  I think it’s an incredible tribute to her to bring joy into the lives of others. It’s been inspiring to read what others have been doing to honor her. Thanks to their family for sharing with all of us. You are a such a blessing to those who are lucky enough to know you!



One thought on “June loves

  1. Melissa

    My heart is smiling for all the beautiful memories in-store for your family in your new home ♥ Your positive voice in the midst of chaos is inspiring! Thank you for your loving support and helping us honor our precious Graceyn ♥



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