August loves

Another month has flown on by and the best season of the year is inching closer. Fall pretty much has it all. Abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables, gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery. The only problem is that it’s too short.

We bid summer adieu this year in our usual fashion – with a family trip up to my Grandma and Grandpa’s lake cottage “up North” in Michigan.


1. northern Michigan
While there, we ate well (as always), played a rollicking round of hearts, bought some incredible art, and watched our kids fall in love with this place. As difficult as it can be to travel with little ones, this tradition makes me happy.


2.Gap boys t-shirt with Tea playwear pants
Perfect fall weather clothes for little guys. My son insists daily on “soft pants”. While these are comfortable, they’re also capable of taking everything he can dole out on the playground. The quilt that he’s holding was a recent finish. Post to follow sometime soon.


3. baby’s first taste of ice cream
I’m not sure how the “first ice cream cone” became a milestone achievement in our family, but it’s something my husband and I have taken both our kids to try. We have the most splendid ice cream shoppes a mere mile from our home. Gabby tried the strawberry buttermilk. Needless to say, it was a hit.


4. Essie Millionails nail treatment solution
Normally my fingernails peel and split, and the nail strengthener I had been using would peel off in a week. This stuff lasted the entire month after one application. My nails actually grew long enough to require trimming.

5. honeycrisp apple Method soaps
These dish and hand soaps smell like fall. I love that they’re non-toxic and sudsy.


6. finishes
To be revealed in upcoming posts. Last month, I felt that we were starting major projects. This month we’ve been able to finish so many of them, especially with the help of our family. Painting, in particular. I’ve learned so much about how to paint in such a short time. One little brush can make a world of difference. A custom tinted chalkboard wall, a DIY ombré bookcase, 3 rooms, and antique highchair, and some cabinets. Another post for another day, but overall, we met our productivity quota. Time to relax…

7. The start of football season.


Hope you have a fantastic September!


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