Alex’s toddler quilt

Ta-da! The finished product on a long journey of a quilt for Alex’s bed. When Alex was 2, I decided to make him a toddler quilt for his new big boy bed. I chose a simple block, the disappearing nine patch, to use for the top, and I set to work choosing fabrics.2D Zoo toddler quiltThis block could not be easier.  Sew nine squares of equal size together and make two cuts directly through the center, one vertical and one horizontal.  You will be left with four squares.  Do this a bunch of times, start rotating those squares around, and a simple quilt top develops.  disappearing nine patch

Alex is an animal lover in the extreme. When he was barely speaking, we’d work through National Geographic’s animal encyclopedia and he’d be naming species of sharks and birds. To fit in with the animal theme in his new room, I choose Alexander Henry’s 2D Zoo, a print that’s been around for quite awhile. I wanted to combine it with some fabrics that were less child-like so that this quilt could be used for several years. Good thing, because it’s taken me a year and a half(!) to completely finish. I think I was just intimidated at machine quilting such a large (almost queen-sized) quilt on my little Brother sewing machine. It was not a pleasant experience, but it can be done! I finished hand-sewing the binding over vacation.


The back of this quilt is also pieced together.

IMG_8910Although this was designed with a toddler in mind and he’s past that stage now, I think this quilt will likely work for a few more years before he’s ready for the next “big kid” decor. At least for now, he really loves the blanket that his mama made just for him.


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