september loves

Wow! This was a quite a month for us. As of today, we’ve sold our old house and are finally living in the new one. We’re thrilled to finally be settled. Even though the boxes are piled around us, I feel like this place is home. And that is an incredible place to be, after so many changes this past month. I left a job I loved and have started a great new opportunity in a new position (and new field)!

On to the things that made me happy this past month:

1. My mom. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have her around. She has been involved in painting 7 (yes, seven!) rooms in the new house. She stayed with us for an entire, incredibly stressful week, while we moved in the most un-organized fashion. She helped with the kids, helped with the move, and helped make the new place feel like home. We could not have made it through this process without her.
2. Newly painted spaces. While some of my choices were rather neutral (pavilion beige, studio taupe, marshmallow), others were rather bold, if I do say so myself. Despite attempts to talk me out of such color (ahem, #1), I decided to just go for it. Hello gingery and riverway. Sherwin Williams and I became BFFs this past month. Watch for an upcoming post about painting tips for novices. I learned some things the hard way and should have just asked an expert to begin with (uhh, again #1).

3. De-junking. I love going through things and clearing away those things which no longer are useful or beautiful. Over the past few years of acquiring our first home and having children, we had acquired a lot of stuff. Fortunately the moving process allowed us to go through and get rid of some of the excess. Don’t get me wrong, we still have excess, but just not as much.

4. Mason jar salads. Seriously, why did I wait to try this trend? You prep a week’s worth of salads ahead of time on the weekend, and it stays fresh in the fridge for the entire week. My favorite was the roasted butternut squash, wheat berries, spicy pepitas, and spinach with a balsamic vinaigrette. Oh so tasty!
mason jar salad
This one is a red pepper, feta, red quinoa and almond salad.
red pepper feta quinoa & almond
5. Our li’l punkin. We’re prepping for her first birthday party next month, which entails scrambling to un-pack. I did manage to embroider this sweet little onesie for my baby girl for a few photos for the invitations for her party. Thank you, Etsy (papernote) and to the incredibly talented Maggie (a photographer & friend)! We also had some happy news about this little girl’s heart this month. Her heart is still doing well. The hole between the chambers (VSD) is still there, and some of the blood is being directed through it (and going back to her lungs), but overall, it’s not having much effect on her. She has no restrictions and doesn’t need surgery at this time (and likely not for some time, if ever). Woot! Plus, she’s freaking adorable, right?

6. Quality time. While most of this month has been spent stressing over getting things accomplished at home, we were able to step back and enjoy some time together. The kids and I went to the zoo during one of my days between jobs. We also made it to the county fair as a family. Once Alex warmed up to the idea of rides, he had a blast. I’m really looking forward to the pumpkin patch in the coming month.

7. Local apples. I spend the entire rest of the year wishing that apples tasted this good all year long. Apples from the orchard in the fall just taste like nothing else. And there’s nowhere better than the orchard from my little home town. There’s so much I miss about that place, but it’s summed up for me in that apple orchard stand. There’s no one there to sell the apples. You just walk in, pick out your favorite apples (and perhaps some “big daddy” onions, too), and leave your cash in the drawer. It’s that simple. And trusting. There are a lot of disadvantages to country living. But the people and the community are not one of them.

8. Feeling home. I miss the little town I grew up in, but finding the home that we just purchased was a dream come true for me. We found a spot right in the heart of everything, on a wooded lot that makes me feel like I’m out in the sticks. Not to mention, the wood floors, exposed wooden beams, copper bar, and kitchen filled with all sorts of light. Oh, and I have my own space for sewing. I’m all kinds of excited about the potential. And the future here. It feels like home.
da beams That’s the view when lying on the couch in the great room. Not bad, eh?


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