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Easter basket ideas

If your kids are anything like mine, their grandparents spoil them rotten.  They are flooded with candy from every grandparent and great-grandparent for every holiday there is.  Let’s not even get me started on how many toys we have.
Easter baskets
So it may not come as a surprise that the Easter bunny is pretty light on the candy giving.  My children are hardly candy-deprived.  Both grandmas give them entire Easter baskets, besides the one from the bunny.  Not only that, they attend an annual candy hunt where they can rake in at least a dozen full-size candy bars per child, in addition to other things.  Meanwhile, poor mom and dad have to cope with the “can I open this?  please, please, puh-leeze!” and the subsequent sugar highs.  I end up stashing it up in a cupboard only to find it 6 months later.
So in lieu of candy and gobs of toys, here’s what my kids are getting this year:

Books! You can never have enough books. There’s always something new to learn. Given Alex’s hockey obsession and Gabby’s current adoration of all things puppy, they’ll both be excited with these choices.
Beach gear. Personalized towels and new swimsuits. Plus some sunglasses. Our family vacation is in the spring and this is just a reminder that winter is almost over! (Right? There seriously cannot be anymore snow…)
PJs. For warmer weather which will have to eventually arrive.
A few other things tailored to each kid. Gabby gets the mini cuddly pup and ice packs you see for Alex’s lunch box those are. Yes, this poor child has to live with my nerdiness.
Chocolate.  I’m not a completely a heartless jerk. My kids do get candy in their baskets, but just very little. And what they do get is really really good. Like I might have ordered a sleeve of those bunnies just for myself. And that chocolate egg you see is filled with rocky road. I’m hoping the boy will want to share with his mama.
As you can see, the Bunny knows to mostly avoid candy and toys.  Here are some other ideas that she wanted to you.  I promise that they’re not as lame as Santa, who stuffed stockings last year with new toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Easter basket ideas for low-candy, low-toy content

  • books – especially those that let your kids explore their favorite subjects
  • beach gear: towels, new swimsuits, sun hats, sand toys
  • gardening gear: tools like a trowel and gloves just their size to help you out this spring
  • child-sized kitchen tools: mixing bowl, whisk,
  • side walk chalk.  These are adorable.
  • bubbles
  • lunch boxes
  • ice packs in cool shapes
  • pajamas
  • new shoes or slippers
  • rain coat and boots for splashing in puddles
  • jump rope
  • bike helmet
  • mini stuffed animal or lovie.  Jellycat makes the softest, sweetest cuddly ones.
  • socks & undies. Your kids need ’em. Might as well get some cute ones at Easter.
  • hair bows & headbands
  • sports equipment, like a basketball, a jumprope or swimming goggles
  • Peep n peek eggs.  These are cute and not noisy.  And they have been loved but little babies and preschoolers alike.
  • small amounts of darn good chocolate
  • crayons and coloring books
  • Smencils – scented pencils
  • stickers
  • outdoor blanket – for the beach or the park.  You can just hose it off.
  • fun crafting supplies, like washi tape
  • baking supplies, like sprinkles and cupcake liners